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Music In Our Schools Month celebrated at March School Board meeting

Music In Our Schools Month celebrated at March School Board meeting

The Colonial School District Board of Directors celebrated Music In Our Schools Month on March 21, enjoying performances by the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Clarinet Choir and members of Conshohocken Elementary School's Coyote Chorus.

The Board also recognized Tilly McLaughlin for being selected to perform in the Pennsylvania All-State Concert Band (click here to read more about this), and the Clarinet Choir for being selected to perform at the PA Music Educators Association Conference in Erie. This is only the third time in school history that a Plymouth Whitemarsh High School musical group has been selected for this prestigious honor.

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School's Tri-M Music Honor Society Co-Presidents Alex N'Diaye and Bailey Kassis, as well as Conshohocken Elementary students Alex Garabedian and Jenna Primus, all spoke to what music means to them and about the skills that they have learned by being a part of the music program.

Alex noted that the music program has played a pivotal role in helping her and her fellow musicians to learn valuable skills. Performing music in front of large audiences, she said, has given students like her the confidence to present projects in class, advocate at mock trials, and address the School Board. Bailey agreed. 

"I can personally attest that my involvement in the school's music program has been transformative in shaping who I am as a student and a person," said Bailey, who then named all the District's music teachers. "These individuals had a huge role in helping us find our purpose, so thank you very much for your support."

Jenna, from Conshohocken, told the School Board that being able to participate in various performance groups has helped her learn how to be part of a team and to understand the value of practice and rehearsals. Most of all, it allows her the chance to be creative.

"Music is there to help me express my feelings," said Jenna. "Music is there with me, everywhere I go. It brings out my imagination and makes me feel alive."

To see the recording of the meeting with performances and speeches by students, click here

Clarinet Choir performs at Board meeting
Dr Jason Bacani with Alex Babka and Ady Anand
CE Coyote Chorus performs at the Board meeting
The Clarinet Choir poses for a picture
The CE Coyote Chorus poses for a picture

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