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Policies and Procedures

Conshohocken Elementary students visit the library on a weekly rotation to learn library and technology skills, hear about great books to read and to check out books. In addition, to their weekly class checkout time, students may visit the library to check out books any day of the week during homeroom with permission from a teacher.

Check-out limits

  • Kindergarten & First Grade: 1 book
    Students are encouraged to check out one book that is appropriate for their reading and interest level.
  • Second Grade & Third Grade: 2 books
    Students may check out two books appropriate to their reading and interest level.

Check-out period

The check-out period for all books is one week. Books may be renewed for longer periods.

Care and responsibility

At the beginning of each school year, students from kindergarten to third grade are instructed about the care and responsibility of checking out books. Here are some of the ideas that were discussed:

  • Store your library books in your school bag when they are not being read.
  • Wash your hands before reading.
  • Take good care of your books; no ripping pages, coloring on the pages, no cutting out pictures.
  • Do not eat or drink around your books.

Contact the Librarian

Mrs. Nina Pratowski
Library Media Specialist

Send an email or call
610-828-0362, ext. 5005.